Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 VHSA Pony Medal Finals

Chelsea showed IBA Blue Diamond at the 2009 VHSA Pony Medal Finals, Sunday, June 14th. It was not a day for the large ponies, as only 1 got around and none ended up in the ribbons. Deno was the only large that does not complete at the "A" shows, so we left knowing that it will only get better. He jumped his heart out, but was a little over-faced since he's only used to showing at 2'6" and these fences were a big 3'. He gave Chelsea clean changes (something we've really been working on) and was a very good boy except for one fence (all the larges had problems with a very up-right fence that was hard to ride to for the bigger ponies). We were just thrilled to be there in such good company and Chelsea plans on qualifying for next year ASAP!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The 2009 Upperville Colt and Horse Show

The Locke Meadows Show Team had a great showing at the 2009 Upperville Colt and Horse Show.

Larry was one of the only amateur handlers in a huge class of Non-TB Three Year Olds. His filly Private Diamonds showed like a million bucks and they were rewarded with a First Reserve out of 14 entries!

When I handed the lead to professional handler Charlie Brown for the Non-TB Foal Class, he asked the name of my filly. I replied "Sinsational" and he looked and me and said with a name like that, she better be damn good. The judge must have thought she was Sinsational, because she won the class out of 10 very, very nice entries!! There were some pretty fabulous foals in there and I'm beyond thrilled we were handed the blue!

Silvation also showed, but has had a rough few months. He was gelded in mid-April and ended up loosing a lot of weight. We skipped Devon with the hopes he would be ready for Upperville, but he just wasn't quite ready. Right now, we have our sights on the Warrenton Horse Show and the VHSA Futurity.

Chelsea and IBA Blue Diamond showed earlier in the week. Although they didn't get a ribbon out of 29 entries, they put in a lovely trip; hit every spot, got every change, and had a beautiful pace. There were some other very nice trips, so although she didn't take a ribbon home, we were still thrilled with the day!

Up-Date On The Show Season

I have not up-dated the blog in several months, so here are a few high-lights:

Silvation pulled a second place at Maryland Nationals with handler Oliver Brown out of 7 entires. They were also second at the Showplace Spring Festival out of 6 entries.

Kaitlyn and Bellaruby are kicking pony tail in the Green Pony Hunters. They already have several clean sweeps behind them and are getting better by the week. They're getting their flying changes and starting to do some tougher Eq courses. Of course, Kaitlyn is growing like a weed, but at least the pony has some body and can take up her leg.

Caitlin and Three Tricks have become the stars of the show. Tricky has won almost every hack class entered and is putting in some pretty fantastic trips over fences. They won the hack and then earned a first and third over fences out of 16 entries at Sandstone a few weeks ago in the Children's Hunter. Tricky is starting to school 3' and we're starting to look towards the VHSA Finals with this horse. The way things are going, I think they will be ready to take on the world in a few short months.

Chelsea and IBA Blue Diamond are having a blast this year. They put in a lovely, lovely trip at Upperville and should be very proud of themselves She's getting ready for the Pony Medal Finals at Loudoun on June 14th.

Stephanie injured herself (non-horse related) and is slowly getting back into the saddle.

Dawn injured herself in December on the slopes and is also slowly getting back into the saddle with the help of PT and injections.

Connie, Eryn, Dana, and Olivia are taking it easy so far this year and just hitting a few shows here and there.

That's what been going on with the team these past few months.