Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sandstone Short Circuit Show - August 17th

The Locke Meadows Show Team hit back to back shows this weekend. The horses had even more energy on Sunday and jumped around even better than the day before!
Stephanie T. and Sophisticated Lady were a team to be reckoned with. They were Champion both days in the Adult Amateur Hunters Each day, they won both trips over fences! Sandstone offered large classes, but Stephanie and Sophie stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!

Trainer Rachael Adams showed Silver Masterpiece in the Pleasure Horse Division. The sand was a little deep for Maggie's taste and she moved with a little more knee action than normal. Rachael still had a bast riding her and Maggie rode like a dream.

Today's surprise came from Kaitlyn's pony Dare To Dream. This was her first time jumping at Sandstone and she went clean both trips at 2'. Kaitlyn then turned around and won the Equitation class out of five entries. She was the only rider who asked her pony for a frame on the flat and then turned around and produced a sitting trot any trainer would be proud of!

Dawn H. and Silver Masterpiece also gave us quite a surprise. This was their first show doing "real" strides instead of adds. Maggie hit every spot, had perfect lead changes, and went around like a real hunter. It was the trip of a life-time for this pair.

I must say I am so proud of every rider on our team and their horses. They came together this weekend and showed what they were made of. Ribbons are always fun to win, but seeing the improvement from week to week is worth more than all the Championships in the world. Way to go team!!

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