Monday, September 22, 2008

Sandstone Short Circuit Show - September 21st

Today was much better than yesterday! The team put in beautiful trip after beautiful trip and the judge made the comment that he's enjoyed watching them grow as riders this past year.

Chelsea H. has been busy these last few weeks with soccer, band, and travel, so she hasn't been riding as much as usual. You would not have know by the trips she put in and the ribbons she brought home. Her pony Callihan Rose seemed to enjoy the time off and jumped a "10" as always.

IBA Blue Diamond, Chelsea's Large Pony Hunter, tried his heart out and beat Rosie in both trips over fences. He did his lead changes and marched around like a made pony. I can't wait until next year once this guy has a few more miles. He's going to be a star!

Dawn H. and Silver Masterpiece had the hack of a life-time. Then, they turned around and put in two beautiful trips over fences. Maggie's lead changes were clean and they hit almost every spot. Although they didn't pin out of 15 entries, each trip was only ten points off from the winning trip! It's hard for Ammy's to compete against the pro's, so we were thrilled for Dawn to have gotten such high scores.

Kaitlyn H. and her pony Dare To Dream had another great day. Daisy won the hack and again pulled first and second place ribbons over fences without the benefit of a warm-up. Look at this pony go. It's hard to believe she has been under saddle less than a year!

Stephanie T. showed, but it was so dark the pictures did not turn out. She took home her share of ribbons and had a big smile on her face as always.

Red Gate Farm - September 20th, 2008

I wish I could say Locke Meadows had a wonderful day, but I would be lying. The day started off well when two members of the team took their greenies to Red Gate Farm.

Kaitlyn H. and her pony Dare To Dream were second out of seven in the hack class and won first and second place ribbons over fences out of seven entries. Those ribbons were good enough to give them Reserve Champion of the division.

Caitlin M. and her OTTB Three Tricks showed for the first time off the farm over fences. They won the hack class out of seven entries and earned a first and second over fences! This horse has been jumping less than 45 days and he didn't even offer a refusal. The Champion ribbon was just icing on the cake!

Sadly, on the way to Oak Hill with our Adult riders, the Locke Meadows Show Team was involved in an accident when a car stopped suddenly in a blind spot. Three horses were on the trailer and none were injured. Needless to say, we didn't make the show.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cross Country Jump Building Day - Sept 13th

This weekend, the Locke Meadows Show team stayed home to do some work to their cross country course. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Caitlin, Chelsea, Chris, Dawn, Hoss, Jake, Kaitlyn, Keith, Kyle, and Larry!!

The show team cheezin it up after a hard day of jump building. Not pictured; Caitlin, Chelsea, and Chris.

The boys taking a breather. It was hot and they were tired!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Elmington Farm - Sept 7th, 2008

What a weekend! Our team has another great show today at Elmington. Their rings were beautiful and the courses were perfect! This series is one of our favorites!!

Stephanie T. and Sophisticated Lady had a solid day. They pinned in the middle of the pack as Sophie was a bit forward today on the grass course. Since Sophie is a retired event horse, to her Grass + Jumps = Go!

Dawn H. had the best show of her life. Her and Silver Masterpiece didn't win any classes, but they took home all seconds and thirds and put in some of the best trips of their lives. Today, both Dawn and Maggie showed at 3' for the first time in their lives and did it with style and grace. They hit every lead change (something we've been working on) and just had a fabulous day!

Chelsea H. and IBA Blue Diamond were Reserve Champion out of 7 ponies in Pony Pleasure and earned two seconds and a third in the Pony Hunters. Although Deno's changes are still coming, he jumps with lots of style and the judges love him.

Last, but not least, Chelsea had a great day on Callihan Rose. She was Reserve Champion in the Pony Hunters, even though Rosie didn't hack today (Chelsea hacked IBA Blue Diamond instead). Chelsea won the Eq class with Rosie and was second in the Pony Medal.

After showing in the rain yesterday, today was truly a blessing. We had such a great time and can't wait until the next Elmington show!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Locke Meadows Horse Show Series September 6th, 2008

What can I say about today; it started off nice and ended up very, very wet! The Team showed they had guts and didn't let a little thing like rain slow them down one bit.

Caitlin Miller was busy, busy today with her many mounts. She started the day with her Thoroughbred gelding Three Tricks and did well in the Pleasure classes. Her BLM mustang Mustang Dolly went the best she ever has and picked up some higher ribbons than usual against some pretty nice ponies. Caitlin also showed how well she could ride and did well in Equitation Over Fences.

Connie U. took off work today to show, so she didn't let a little thing like rain slow her down one bit. Her mare Freedom seemed to like the rain and helped Connie take home some wonderful ribbons!

Chelsea's had me worried these last few months because she is always so tired. Today, she was so much more awake and rode the best she has for quite some time. Between her two mounts, Callihan Rose and IBA Blue Diamond, she won almost every class she entered! When I asked her why she was riding so well, she replied that she LOVES riding in the rain and hoped we would do it more often.

More pictures will be posted once they are available.

Warrenton Horse Show - August 30th, 2008

The Warrenton Horse Show was a little rough for the Locke Meadow's team. On the way to the show, our 2yo slid under the divider in the trailer and ended up in the stall with the mare and colt. I felt the commotion in the trailer and we had to unload the horses along a busy road to get everyone back where they were supposed to be. The filly ended up kicking the weanling, but the injuries looked minor. Upon our arrival at the show grounds, we found the colt had cuts and abrasions from his nose to his toes. We let him show since he was sound and no worse for wear. Well, he ended up pulling a 3rd place against some very, very nice weanlings. Even with the cuts, he still looked like a million bucks!

Unfortunately, Private Diamonds, the 2yo, had to be scratched as her cuts were more severe and we did not feel it was appropriate to present her under a judge. We were really looking forward to showing her at Warrenton, as she pinned at Upperville and looked even better now.