Saturday, September 6, 2008

Warrenton Horse Show - August 30th, 2008

The Warrenton Horse Show was a little rough for the Locke Meadow's team. On the way to the show, our 2yo slid under the divider in the trailer and ended up in the stall with the mare and colt. I felt the commotion in the trailer and we had to unload the horses along a busy road to get everyone back where they were supposed to be. The filly ended up kicking the weanling, but the injuries looked minor. Upon our arrival at the show grounds, we found the colt had cuts and abrasions from his nose to his toes. We let him show since he was sound and no worse for wear. Well, he ended up pulling a 3rd place against some very, very nice weanlings. Even with the cuts, he still looked like a million bucks!

Unfortunately, Private Diamonds, the 2yo, had to be scratched as her cuts were more severe and we did not feel it was appropriate to present her under a judge. We were really looking forward to showing her at Warrenton, as she pinned at Upperville and looked even better now.

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