Monday, September 22, 2008

Sandstone Short Circuit Show - September 21st

Today was much better than yesterday! The team put in beautiful trip after beautiful trip and the judge made the comment that he's enjoyed watching them grow as riders this past year.

Chelsea H. has been busy these last few weeks with soccer, band, and travel, so she hasn't been riding as much as usual. You would not have know by the trips she put in and the ribbons she brought home. Her pony Callihan Rose seemed to enjoy the time off and jumped a "10" as always.

IBA Blue Diamond, Chelsea's Large Pony Hunter, tried his heart out and beat Rosie in both trips over fences. He did his lead changes and marched around like a made pony. I can't wait until next year once this guy has a few more miles. He's going to be a star!

Dawn H. and Silver Masterpiece had the hack of a life-time. Then, they turned around and put in two beautiful trips over fences. Maggie's lead changes were clean and they hit almost every spot. Although they didn't pin out of 15 entries, each trip was only ten points off from the winning trip! It's hard for Ammy's to compete against the pro's, so we were thrilled for Dawn to have gotten such high scores.

Kaitlyn H. and her pony Dare To Dream had another great day. Daisy won the hack and again pulled first and second place ribbons over fences without the benefit of a warm-up. Look at this pony go. It's hard to believe she has been under saddle less than a year!

Stephanie T. showed, but it was so dark the pictures did not turn out. She took home her share of ribbons and had a big smile on her face as always.

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