Saturday, August 23, 2008

Frederick County Fair Horse Show - August 23, 2008

Words can not express how proud I am of my team. We usually do OK, but today, the team pulled together and showed what they were made of. Right now, I'm speechless (which doesn't happen to me very often!).

Larry H. got the team going by pulling a second out of four in Showmanship and then winning the Hunter Model class with his lovely lady Private Diamonds. "Dede" is being prepped for Warrenton next weekend, so today was good practice since this was only her second time off the farm. She showed like a super-star and we can't wait until next weekend!

Chelsea H. had a typical "Chelsea day". She won about every class she went in and was High-Point of the day; winning a pair of Arait boots as well as an array of other nice prizes. Congratulations Chelsea!

Dawn H. held the biggest surprise of the day; she won every class she entered on Silver Masterpiece! Her day started off with a win in Equitation over fences, followed by a clean sweep of the Green Hunter Division (out of 7 entries!!). Dawn works so hard, so it is such a joy to see her and Maggie finally out there winning.

Stephanie T. is on a winning streak and won both trips in the Adult Amateur Hunters and a second out of 6 in the hack class. She was also second in the Equitation class.

Today was Dana G.'s last show before going back to college. She was Champion out of 8 entries in the Low Hunters and won the second trip over fences, as well as the hack. What a way to finish the season!!

Kaitlyn H. also turned heads when she won the first trip over fences out of 8 entries in the Low Hunter division, as well as pulling top ribbons in her second trip and the hack class. For her effort, she walked away with the Reserve Champion ribbon!

Caitlin M. was a busy rider. Mustang Dolly was her first ride and they earned excellent ribbons in the Small/Medium Pony Hunters. Her second mount was Three Tricks, who ribboned in all three Pleasure Hunter classes. Caitlin's day finished off with Above and Beyond, an entry from Stephanie T. In their second trip over fences, Chips earned a second place ribbon in very good company with seven entries!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sandstone Short Circuit Show - August 17th

The Locke Meadows Show Team hit back to back shows this weekend. The horses had even more energy on Sunday and jumped around even better than the day before!
Stephanie T. and Sophisticated Lady were a team to be reckoned with. They were Champion both days in the Adult Amateur Hunters Each day, they won both trips over fences! Sandstone offered large classes, but Stephanie and Sophie stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!

Trainer Rachael Adams showed Silver Masterpiece in the Pleasure Horse Division. The sand was a little deep for Maggie's taste and she moved with a little more knee action than normal. Rachael still had a bast riding her and Maggie rode like a dream.

Today's surprise came from Kaitlyn's pony Dare To Dream. This was her first time jumping at Sandstone and she went clean both trips at 2'. Kaitlyn then turned around and won the Equitation class out of five entries. She was the only rider who asked her pony for a frame on the flat and then turned around and produced a sitting trot any trainer would be proud of!

Dawn H. and Silver Masterpiece also gave us quite a surprise. This was their first show doing "real" strides instead of adds. Maggie hit every spot, had perfect lead changes, and went around like a real hunter. It was the trip of a life-time for this pair.

I must say I am so proud of every rider on our team and their horses. They came together this weekend and showed what they were made of. Ribbons are always fun to win, but seeing the improvement from week to week is worth more than all the Championships in the world. Way to go team!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Red Gate Farm August 16, 2008

Dawn H. and Silver Masterpiece were on their game today. They won both trips over fences and a second in the hack. Dawn also put in a top trip in Equitation and it is amazing how far her and Maggie have come!

Dana G. and Spring Fling also had their game face on today! They were Champions in the Low Hunters and won three hack classes. Way to go Dana!!

Stephanie T. and Sophisticated Lady could not be beat. They pulled a clean sweep in the Adult Hunter Division and won the Adult Eq class. Wow...what a day!

Kaitlyn H. and Daisy won their first trip over fences and had a excellent second trip as well. Their flat work is getting better by the show and they have their eye on the prize.

Caitlin M. showed Stephanie T's gelding Above and Beyond in the Green Hunters. This was his first show over 2'6" away from home. Their trips were clean and with a little bit of polish, this horse is going to be the winner!

Caitlin M. also rode her greenie Three Tricks and was Reserve Champion in the Pleasure Division.

Trainer Rachael A. threw her leg over today and had some fun with Silver Masterpiece. They were Champion of the Pleasure Division and you could not wipe the smile off Rachael's face all day (she never gets to show because she is always coaching). The Champion ribbon was just icing on the cake!

Locke Meadows Horse Show Series August 9th, 2008

The show team took a break from July 19th to August 9th and their next show was at home. It was a great day to say the least!

Dana G. started off the day with a second place ribbon out of seven entries in the Hunter In-Hand class. It was her yearling filly Ava's first show and she jogged like the Champion she was bred to be.

Dana then turned around and put in several lovely trips in the Green Hunters with her mare Spring Fling.

Stephanie T. had a wonderful day with her mare Sophisticated Lady. She won both trips over fences as well as the Adult Equitation class.

Chelsea H. did an excellent job showing Locke Meadow's large pony gelding IBA Blue Diamond. They won top ribbons over fences, as well as in the hack.

Of course, Chelsea H.'s pony Callihan Rose had a great day. She always does! Besides an interesting warm-up trip, Rosie was Champion in Pleasure Pony, Small/Medium Pony Hunters, and Chelsea won the Eq classes!

Caitlin M. had a long day riding her three mounts. Her first division was on her own personal horse, Three Tricks (who has been off the track about six months). I can't believe how quickly he is coming along.

Caitlin M. also showed Silver Masterpiece to top ribbons in the Green and Working Hunter divisions. Look at that position; she'll be our next Eq star!

Caitlin M. is also playing in the pony pen with a 6yo medium pony that is a BLM mustang! Although Dolly is green, this pony gets better with every ride! She'll jump anything and the flat work is coming along.