Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 VHSA Pony Medal Finals

Chelsea showed IBA Blue Diamond at the 2009 VHSA Pony Medal Finals, Sunday, June 14th. It was not a day for the large ponies, as only 1 got around and none ended up in the ribbons. Deno was the only large that does not complete at the "A" shows, so we left knowing that it will only get better. He jumped his heart out, but was a little over-faced since he's only used to showing at 2'6" and these fences were a big 3'. He gave Chelsea clean changes (something we've really been working on) and was a very good boy except for one fence (all the larges had problems with a very up-right fence that was hard to ride to for the bigger ponies). We were just thrilled to be there in such good company and Chelsea plans on qualifying for next year ASAP!

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