Saturday, October 25, 2008

Locke Meadows Horse Show Series - October 18, 2008

The Locke Meadows Team did well on their home turf today. There were lots of ribbons won by the team and everyone said this was the funnest show they've had all year.

Larry H. and Private Diamonds won the Model class out of 5 entries. This filly is such a lovely mover; I can't wait to get her going under saddle!

Chelsea H. won tons of awards today. She was the 2008 High Point Rider of the Locke Meadows Horse Show Series. She was also High Point Pony Hunter Rider and High Point Pony Pleasure Rider. Since this is her last year on Callihan Rose, she wanted to go out with a bang!

Chelsea H. has also been cleaning up the blues with IBA Blue Diamond. This pony is hands-down "the hack winner" and has a beautiful jump. He is really starting to jump around like a hunter and keeps bringing home the Championships!

Caitlin M. and Three Tricks were tied for Champion in Pleasure out of a huge class against some of the best Pleasure Horses in Virginia. They jumped around beautifully in the Open Hunters at 2' and we let him canter his first course at a show and he won the class!

Caitlin M. also showed Mustang Dolly and was Reserve Champion in the Green Pony Hunters against some pretty nice ponies. Dolly is a BLM Mustang and still rides very green. She's just started doing her changes and her flat work is finally coming along. Give this pony another few months and she's going to be pretty nice!

Dawn H. and Silver Masterpiece jumped around 3' today and did the real numbers. We've been having Maggie add at 2'6", but she did the step and made it look easy. Look at Dawn's position. It's hard to believe she's only been riding a little over a year!!

Kaitlyn H. and Dare To Dream were dead-on today. They won EVERY TRIP over fences in the Short Stirrup Hunter and Short Stirrup Eq. divisions. Although Dare To Dream was a little hot under saddle, she jumped like a million bucks!!

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