Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oak Hill Thoroughbreds - October 4, 2008

We were thrilled to have Larry our team photographer back this weekend. He always takes the best pictures! That was a good thing too because the team did very well!

Stephanie T. came out with guns a blazing for the Adult Equitation class. She hit every spot and the flat phase was right up her alley; lots of sitting trot, a hand-gallop, and a change of direction with a flying lead change. Needless to say, she took home the blue ribbon and rightly so! We also had a surprise in the Adult Amateur hack class - Sophie won! At 21 years old, Sophie no longer moves like "the hack winner" like she used to. However, today she went like a million bucks and the judge rewarded her for it.

At every show, I have people coming up to me saying how much Dawn H. and Silver Masterpiece keep impoving. They were second today in the Adult Equitation class and Dawn's flat work was picture perfect. That was the only class they showed in, so we were very happy with the placing.

Kaitlyn H. and Daisy had an excellent show. Kaitlyn won the Pony Equitation class and the judge loved Kaitlyn's flat. She also did great in Pony Pleasure with Miss Daisy. If you've been reading our blog, then you know this pony has been under saddle less than a year and that Kaitlyn has only been riding since March of 2007. It is amazing how far these two have come in such a short amount of time!

Chelsea H. and Callihan Rose again won everything under the sun. They earned three blue ribbons in Pony Pleasure and another three blue ribbons in the Pony Hunters. Chelsea was second in the Eq class to her team-mate Kaitlyn.

Chelsea and IBA Blue Diamond also had a fantastic day. Deno was second only to Rosie and rocked in the Eq class; complete with clean lead changes!

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